"Строительство является тем локомотивом, который выводит страну из зоны кризисных явлений..."

                                             Президент Ассоциации строителей России Н.П. Кошман

“Construction community supports self regulation!”

May, the 15th, 2007, along with a major international exhibition, which offered a wide range of up-to-date construction technologies, materials and instruments, Perm hosted the Interregional conference “Present-day issues aimed at efficient development of Russia’s construction industry” within the framework of the forum “The construction sector of Russia’s regions”. The Builders Association of Russia, the Russian Union of Designers, ASKOM and a number of other major All-Russian and regional associations of construction and project entities , as well as enterprises for construction materials and civil engineering enterprises acted as organizers and participants of the conference.
In the context of the problem solution aimed at implementing the national program “Affordable and Adequate Housing for All”, which acquired greater importance due to President’s address to the RF Federal Assembly vital issues facing the participants of the construction market were discussed. President of the Builders Association of Russia Nikolai Koshman presented his report “The current state of affairs and the measures aimed at developing the construction industry”. The report laid particular stress upon the issues of restoring and developing vitally important infrastructures of the construction industry: i.e., production of construction materials, the civil engineering sector, training of personnel, as well as upon creating market mechanisms for promoting interaction among construction organizations and manufacturers and suppliers of resources, which would contribute to the process of developing the engineering infrastructure of construction sites.
Techniques for mortgage lending, alternative financial instruments and mechanisms for construction support, above all, the housing one, were thoroughly discussed in the report by ASR Vice President Vladimir Ponomarev in the context of their introducing into regions.
The regulations and standards aimed at organizational transition of basic construction activities to self regulation, which had been elaborated by the Builders Association of Russia, were presented in the reports by ASR President’s top advisor Alexander Gerasimov and Head of the ASR Construction Department Mikhail Kaikov. Answering numerous questions the conference participants dwelled upon the basic stages of construction organizations’ joining the association of self regulating organizations, the system of indicators and standards helping to determine the type and the status of the organization when joining the aforesaid association and the status of the organizations-members of the aforesaid association.
The fact that the conference participants actively and enthusiastically participated in the discussion of the issues related to self regulation and technical regulation, bringing forward reasonable arguments proves that the construction community basically supports the idea of transition to self regulation in the construction industry, highly praises the efficiency of this market regulatory institution and is ready to take part in the process of its implementation.


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