"Строительство является тем локомотивом, который выводит страну из зоны кризисных явлений..."

                                             Президент Ассоциации строителей России Н.П. Кошман

Governmental and business support for innovative civil engineering...

There took place the last round of the competition among vocational schools introducing innovative learning programs. Following the voting results 76 winners were announced, 10 of them being civil engineering schools and universities.

The ASR and the business community of the construction industry expressed their readiness to support those colleges, vocational schools and universities, whose innovative projects would be among the winners of the competition.

“The potential of our civil engineering schools and universities is worthy of state attention and support; in my opinion, many of the presented innovative projects should be highly praised”, ASR President Nikolai Koshman said. He emphasized that the Association had appealed to the governors of the RF constituent entities, which took an active part in construction works and in implementation of the high priority national program ““Affordable and Adequate Housing for All” asking them to support their civil engineering universities and vocational schools. This appeal gained support, which proved once again that the construction industry and the executive power in the educational sphere used the same approaches towards human resources development.

Out of 266 applications 30 civil engineering colleges and vocational schools qualified for the competition. Due to the terms of the competition stipulating 100 percent financing those RF constituent entities were selected, which are really interested in promoting basic and intermediate vocational education and training specialists for national projects. It is perfectly clear that specializations and professions related to civil engineering belong to high-tech ones. Implementation of the projects aimed at constructing nuclear power stations, thermal power stations, hydroelectric power stations, sluice gates, port terminals, railways, highways, airfields, engineering structures, industrial and housing facilities, high rise buildings is inconceivable without employing high technologies and adequate training of labor force and specialists.


The Builders Association of Russia maintains close relations with the RF Ministry of Education and Science, the Federal Agency for Education; on January, the 24th, 2006 it signed an agreement on cooperation in the sphere of promoting and improving civil engineering vocational education. Being a public professional organization it takes part in pilot projects aimed at reforming vocational education in the context of system-based interaction between the construction business community and the educational sphere. In September-November, 2006, the Association conducted an analysis of the projects aimed at introducing innovative learning programs into State-run Civil Engineering Educational Institutions, i.e., basic and intermediate vocational schools, pointed out shortcomings and issued recommendations for project improvement. Particular emphasis was laid upon promoting interaction between educational institutions and employers, involving employers into all stages of project implementation, availability of modern manufacturing plants for the students to be able to undergo professional training, improving technical support of the learning process, improving the quality of graduate training, which is assessed from the point of view of graduates’ ability to meet the requirements of the employers.


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