"Строительство является тем локомотивом, который выводит страну из зоны кризисных явлений..."

                                             Президент Ассоциации строителей России Н.П. Кошман

ASR supports Russian-American cooperation renewal

The RF Ministry for Foreign Affairs hosted a meeting of Director of the North American Department Igor Neverov with President of the Builders Association of Russia Nikolai Koshman and Vice President Vladimir Ponomarev. The parties agreed upon the future visit of the ASR delegation to the USA, which is intended to be the first move towards cooperation renewal in the construction industry.

In 2003 Gosstroy (the State Committee of the Russian Federation for Construction and Housing) and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development signed a cooperation agreement in the sphere of home building and mortgage lending. The Gosstroy delegation was headed by Nikolai Koshman and Vladimir Ponomarev, the present ASR President and Vice President respectively. Both the American party and the RF President paid special attention to the aforesaid agreement. The meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and American President George Bush resulted in working out control instructions aimed at execution of the Memorandum.

The issues related to construction technologies, i.e., high and low rise construction and home mortgage lending served as the basis for the aforesaid cooperation agreement.

After change of government the governmental bodies (the Ministry of Regional Development and the reformed Gosstroy) lost the interest in the aforesaid issue, though the American party more than once reminded the RF Government of its intention to carry on the initiated cooperation. In the course of the meeting with Vladimir Ponomarev Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Alfonso Jackson stated: “In case the Russian party selects the pilot regions, the American party, in its turn, is ready to send the experts in the sphere of elaborating the economic model of the housing and public utilities sector and introducing the energy-saving technologies into the construction industry”. However, the Ministry of Regional Development kept silent and Jackson’s visit to Russia was cancelled several times.

The Memorandum exerted positive influence upon Russian-American cooperation in the sphere of home building and mortgage lending; at the moment there are objective prerequisites for promoting this cooperation.

Realizing the importance of these prospects for Russia the ASR took the initiative and sent a letter to the RF Ministry for Foreign Affairs suggesting promotion of the aforesaid cooperation. The ASR delegation visit to the USA is to take place in June-July, 2007.

The following meetings are on the agenda of the ASR visit:
• the meeting with New York Mayor Mr. Bloomberg, who initiated the large-scale program “Affordable and adequate housing for New York residents”, as well as with his specialists, who would be able to familiarize the Russian party with the details of this project;
• the meeting with the representatives of HUD (the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development) Administration;
• the meeting with the Administration of the Mortgage Banking Association;
•the meeting with the Administration of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC);
• the meeting with Presidents of American banks occupying top positions on the mortgage market.

The visit of the delegation of the Builders Association of Russia is to become the turning point of promoting Russian-American contacts and cooperation among companies and their professional associations in the sphere of home building and mortgage lending.


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