"Строительство является тем локомотивом, который выводит страну из зоны кризисных явлений..."

                                             Президент Ассоциации строителей России Н.П. Кошман

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27.04.2007   ASR representatives joined the Expert Council under the Federal...
Under Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service the Expert Council was established by decree of April, the 17th, 2007. The council will be responsible for expanding competition in the construction industry and the sphere of construction materials.
27.04.2007   ASR representative office in the Kostroma region established
The ASR expands regional cooperation. A new ASR representative office has been established in the Kostroma region.
25.04.2007   Russian and Belorussian “Country House” in Yaroslavl
April, the 19th-21st, Yaroslavl hosted a joint Russian and Belorussian exhibition “Country house – 2007”; the Builders Association of Russia acted as the general partner of the exhibition.
24.04.2007   The issues of self regulation and technical regulation were discussed
April, the 20th, Ufa hosted a round table conference “The role played by the quality management system in the construction industry. Self regulation and technical regulation in the construction industry”.
23.04.2007   Attention! Rating of companies in terms of housing construction volume
The Builders Association of Russia is conducting research work dedicated to the issues of housing construction in the Russian Federation and is ranking Russia’s major construction companies in terms of the amount of constructed housing facilities in 2006.
18.04.2007   Koshman thanked ASR members for supporting ASR initiatives
President of the Builders Association of Russia Nikolai Koshman delivered a speech at the meeting initiated by the Board of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.
16.04.2007   Construction Industry needs an up-to-date scientific and technological
Construction Industry needs an up-to-date scientific and technological base
15.04.2007   ASR supports developing the elevator and utility infrastructure
The Builders Association of Russia signed a cooperation agreement with the Inter-branch Employees’ Association “The National League of Elevator and Utility Infrastructure”.
12.04.2007   Investors’ future depends on self regulation
April, the 11th, The Izvestia Media Center hosted a round table conference “The problem of defrauded investors: ways to solve”, which was initiated by the Builders Association of Russia. Well-known government officials, representatives of business and public organizations took part in the discussion related to the painful problem.
10.04.2007   Problems of mortgage house financing: no ways to solve without builder
April, the 10th, 2007, Moscow, the Association of Russian Banks hosted another enlarged meeting of the NAUIR Council and the Association of Russian Banks (ARB), the Association of Regional Banks Rossiya (ARBR), the Association of Mortgage Companies (AIK) together with the Builders Association of Russia, the National Insurance Guild, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and ОАО “Mortgage Housing Lending Agency” (AIZhK).
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