"Строительство является тем локомотивом, который выводит страну из зоны кризисных явлений..."

                                             Президент Ассоциации строителей России Н.П. Кошман

Chapter of Builders of Russia

To executives and employees

of construction companies

of the Russian Federation



Builders Association of Russia,
having determined to consolidate the construction community of Russia

and develop high ethic standards of practice, has resolved to adopt this Charter



Charter of Builders of Russia


     We, the builders of Russia, in an effort to enhance the authority and to defend the professional honor of the builders community, to maintain and promote best traditions of the construction profession, and being fully aware of the moral responsibility to the community, have resolved to adopt the present Charter as the guiding code of ethics, and to these ends we commit ourselves to:

1.        Regard providing the citizens of the Russian Federation with affordable and comfortable housing as the foreground task of the construction community. 

2.       Promote the formation of civil community in Russia, the development and enhancement of self-regulation in the construction industry, and the consolidation of constructors in Russia.

3.       Carry out business and professional activities in accordance with the principles of legality, honesty and justice.

4.       Fulfill our duties fairly, honestly, efficiently and in time, under the existing laws and relevant agreements. .

5.       Respect the rights and concern of citizens investing in housing construction and acquisition.

6.       Consider legal and ethical aspects of the profession above commercial advantage.

7.       Build relations with colleagues on the basis of mutual respect, friendship, solidarity and mutually beneficial cooperation.

8.       Contribute to high social status of all construction workers and managers.  

9.       Maintain a good public image of a construction worker and make every effort to prevent any damage to it.

10.    Provide open, objective and correct information to the public concerning our activities.


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