"Строительство является тем локомотивом, который выводит страну из зоны кризисных явлений..."

                                             Президент Ассоциации строителей России Н.П. Кошман

A word of welcome from the President of Builders Association of Russia

Dear colleagues!

I am delighted to see you as visitors of our information portal.
The establishment of a public organization of such significance opens a new chapter in the development of construction market in Russia. We, builders of Russia, are in the vanguard of those implementing the strategies set, and a bright example of excellent performance.  Having overcome the initial stage of severities and obstacles, we are now facing the challenge of consolidating the industry and working out long-term partnership and corporate strategies.   

Today the building opportunities in Moscow and growing potential of regional construction companies are in great demand; construction sites are growing in number, the quality of construction projects goes up, as does the consumer demand.  

I hope the constructive dialogue achieved between Russian key construction companies and governmental authorities will speed up the resolution of major tasks set forth by our industry.   
I am sure that the Association’s performance will prove beneficial to Russia and its citizens and facilitate the development of construction market at the international level.  
I wish all ASR members prosperity, sound health, happiness and well-being!  

Sincerely yours,
Nikolai Koshman

President of Builders Association of Russia


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